All Delhi Computer Traders Association (Regd.)

All Delhi Computer Traders Association (ADCTA), Delhi is a registered Society, formed for the purpose of protecting and defending the legal and commercial rights of its member traders. From many years, computer and computer peripheral traders/ dealers are suffering fraud cases of cheque bouncing, delaying in payment etc. etc. In the interest of the Traders at large, ADCTA has decided to come up with this solution.

FraudsAlert is a campaign dedicated to fighting against such cases of Frauds and to warn all its member constituents of any party/s, who have indulged in any such fraudulent activity, with any Member constituent of ALL DELHI COMPUTER TRADERS ASSOCIATION.

To protect the interests of all constituents Computer Dealers against such FRAUDULENT Companies / Parties, ADCTA (All Delhi Computers Traders Association) has decided to post and highlight the names of all such fraud parties/company’s, WITH THE ADVISORY TO ALL THE COMPUTER DEALERS – “NOT TO DEAL WITH THE COMPANIES / PARTIES LISTED ON THE WEBSITE”.


Further, the President of ADCTA Mr. Mahinder Aggarwal, has now decided to take strict action against such parties/companies, because of those frauds a lot of people suffer in a chain.

Also, ADCTA will regularly monitor the database & will take all necessary action against such fraud companies / parties led by the opinion of their legal advisory board.

We request all the dealers/constituents who are facing such problems to send us the details at ADCTA.NehruPlace@Gmail.com or they can fill the form of Need Help, so we can intervene & resolve their matter at the earliest.

To strengthen the ADCTA, become the member of ADCTA.

Please Come Forward & Join Fight against Frauds.


ADCTA – Team


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